Oral Histories

A. Karczmar Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: E. Costa
(Pictured left) An American neuroscientist and academician. His academic career culminated with 30 years tenure (1956–1986) as Professor and Chairman, Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics at Loyola University of Chicago Medical Center, and Director of its Institute for Mind, Drugs and Behavior.
Ackenheil, Manfred Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
(Pictured second from the far left) Professor Manfred Ackenheil has been active and productive in the field of Psychopharmacology over the past 40 years with a main interest into the biochemical effect of neuroleptic treatment in schizophrenic patients.
Adler, Marty Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: L.Stein
Dr. Adler is a world leader in the area of understanding the effects of opioids and opiates on thermoregulation.
Aghajanian, George Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: L.Hollister and T.Ban
George Aghajanian discovered the mechanisms by which LSD produces hallucinations and he has also uncovered how atypical antipsychotic drugs work.
Agranoff, Bernard Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: L.Cook
Bernard Agranoff, a founding Father of the American Society for Neurochemistry, initially became known for his elucidation of the enzymatic synthesis of inositol lipids via the liponucleotide precursor CDP-diacylglycerol, a crucial step in signal transduction cycling.
Akil, Huda Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: J. Meador-Woodruff
Dr. Akil is the Co-Director and Research Professor, MBNI Distinguished University Professor and Quarton Professor of Neurosciences, at the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Alexopoulos, George Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
George Alexopoulos, M.D. is the founder and Director of the Weill-Cornell Institute of Geriatric Psychiatry a Professor of Psychiatry and the Director of the NIMH-supported (P30) Advanced Center for Interventions and Services Research (ACISR) in Late-Life Depression.
Andreasen, Nancy C. Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Dr. Nancy Andreasen is a prominent neuroscientist and psychiatrist. Her career has been marked by many "firsts": the first quantitative Magnetic Resonance (MR) study of schizophrenia; development of the first scales to measure the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia; the first modern empirical study of creativity that examined familial and environmental factors, cognition, and relationship with mental illness; and the first study to combine genomic techniques with neuroimaging techniques.
Angrist, Burt Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: D.Janowsky
Dr. Burt Angrist is a Professor of Psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine, and Staff Psychiatrist at the New York Veterans Affairs Medical Center.
Arango, Victoria Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Dr. Victoria Arango is a Professor of Clinical Neurobiology in the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University.
Autry, Joseph Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. Joseph H. Autry III is a psychiatrist, a member of the federal Senior Executive Service and currently the Acting Administrator for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Axelrod, Julius Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Julius Axelrod was an American biochemist who won a share of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1970 along with Bernard Katz and Ulf von Euler.
Ayd, Frank Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. Frank Ayd was an American psychiatrist known for introducing the first antipsychotic medications into US clinical practice, being granted the first permit from the Food and Drug Administration to use Thorazine for schizophrenia.
Ayd, Frank Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Ayd, Frank Date: 1-Jul Interviewer: T.Ban
Baldessarini, Ross Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Dr. Ross Baldessarini is an internationally known neuroscientist and research psychopharmacologist who has made many contributions related to the basic scientific understanding of central monoaminergic systems, their involvement in the pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders, and the actions of antipsychotic and mood-altering medicines.
Ban, Thomas A. Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: W.Bunney
Dr. Thomas Ban has led the effort to document and preserve the history of the ACNP, CINP, and the field of neuropsychopharmacology.
Ban, Thomas A. Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Barchas, Jack Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: S. Watson
For 12 years, Dr. Jack Barchas chaired IOM's Board on Neuroscience and Behavioral Health. Before coming to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell, he served as dean for research development and for neuroscience at UCLA School of Medicine and as a professor in the department of psychiatry and bio-behavioral sciences.
Barondes, Samuel Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone and T.Ban
Currently Dr. Barondes remains at UCSF where he is Jeanne and Sanford Robertson Professor and Director of the Center for Neurobiology and Psychiatry.
Barry, Herbert III Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Herbert III Barry is currently a Professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and he is also an adjunct professor for the Faculty of Arts & Sciences in the Department of Anthropology.
Berger, Frank M. Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Frank M. Berger is a Life Fellow of the ACNP, he is best known for his introduction in 1955 of meprobamate, also known as Miltown or Equanil, a prescription drug described as a tranquilizer that would relieve tension, and as such was a forerunner of more potent drugs, such as the benzodiazepines.
Berger, Frank M. Date: Apr-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Blackwell, Barry Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: D. Robinson
Barry Blackwell, MD, is a Psychiatrist at the University of Wisconsin.
Blaine, Jack Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. Jack Blaine belongs to the Division of Clinical Research where he is the Chief at the Clinical and Experimental Therapeutics Branch of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.
Blazer, Dan Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Dr. Dan Blazer’s research has focused on the prevalence of physical and mental illness in the elderly.
Bloom, Floyd Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: D.Kupfer
Dr. Floyd Bloom is chairman emeritus of the Department of Neuropharmacology at The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, California, past president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, former editor-in-chief of Science (1995–2000), director of Behavioral Neurobiology at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, and chief of the Laboratory of Neuropharmacology of the National Institute of Mental Health.
Bowden, Charles Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Charles Bowden's work focuses mainly on the symptoms and characteristics of bipolar disorder and the effectiveness of mood stabilizing medication.
Bradley, Philip Date: 2-Jan Interviewer: T.Ban
Pictured to the right.
Brady, Joseph Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Joseph Brady's research activities focus upon areas of investigation concerned with the experimental analysis of behavior and interactions involving physiological, pharmacological and environmental processes.
Bunney, Benjamin Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: Thomas Detre
Dr. Benjamin S. Bunney, scientific co-founder of PsychoGenics, is the Charles B.G. Murphy Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Yale University School of Medicine.
Bunney, Benjamin Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: Arnold Friedhoff
Bunney, William Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. William Bunney's major research interests involve clinical psychobiological studies of manic-depressive illness, and schizophrenia.
Callaway, Enoch Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Enoch Callaway received his M.D. from the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons and he did his residency in Psychiatry at the Worcester State Hospital.
Carlson, Arvid Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: W.Bunney
For his work on dopamine, Arvid Carlsson won the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2000, along with co-recipients Eric Kandel and Paul Greengard.
Carpenter, William Date: 2-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Carpenter's major professional interest has been severe mental illness, especially schizophrenia.
Carr, C Jelleff Date: Jul-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. C Jelleff Carr, Ph.d in Pharmacology, a founding father of the International Society of the Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology (ISRTP), secretary of the Society for 20 years and managing editor of the Journal Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology since the inception.
Carroll, Bernard Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: L.Hollister and T.Ban
Dr. Bernard Carroll is best known as a pioneer of the neuroendocrine research strategy for depression, and as developer of the field of laboratory markers in psychiatry.
Ceskova, Eva Date: 4-Jun Interviewer: A.Tone
Eva Ceskova, M.D., Ph.D., is the Director of the Psychiatric Clinic and Medical Faculty at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic.
Charalampoos, Kanellos "Konnie" Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Charney, Dennis Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Dennis S. Charney is an American biological psychiatrist and researcher, one of the world's leading experts in the neurobiology and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.
Chase, Thomas Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Chase has 40 years experience in the discovery and clinical development of new drugs for CNS disease, first at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and then as founding CEO of Hamilton Pharmaceuticals.
Chouinard, Guy Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Guy Chouinard contributed to the introduction of anticonvulsants (such as clonazepam or tryptophan) as an adjuvant treatment and to the use of prophylactric in the case of bipolar psychosis.
Clayton, Paula Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Paula Clayton is a pioneering psychiatrist, she was the first woman chair of a department of psychiatry in the country and first woman chair at the University of Minnesota School of Medicine.
Cohen, Date: 5-Jun Interviewer: T.Ban
Cole, Jonathan Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Jonathan Cole had a prominent role in the development and Federal Drug Administration approval of many of the currently used antidepressants, including Prozac, Trazodone, and Wellbutrin.
Cole, Jonathan Date: Jul-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Conners, C. Keith Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: B.Angrist
Keith C. Conners collected data on children from the general population and children with an existing symptom list who were referred to clinics, and eventually published the first version of the Conners’ Parent Rating Scale.
Cook, Leonard Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: L. Stein
Leonard Cook at Smith Kline French developed the first behavioral pharmacological test to differentiate chlorpromazine from the barbiturates and sedative drugs.
Cooper, Thomas Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Costa, Erminio Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: S.Koslow
Erminio Costa was a neuroscientist whose research interests covered brain serotonergic activity in health and disease, benzodiazepine-GABA interactions, benzodiazepine action at GABAA receptors, and GABAergic dysfunction and changes in the expression of reelin and GAD67 in schizophrenia.
Coyle, Joe Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: B. Bunney
Joseph T. Coyle, M.D. serves as Eben S. Draper Chair of Psychiatry and Neuroscience at Harvard.
Dahl, Svein Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Dr. Svein G. Dahl, Department of Pharmacology, Institute of Medical Biology, University of Troms in Tromsø, Norway.
Dahlstrom, Annica Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Annica Dahlstrom is a Swedish physician and professor at the Department of Medical Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Göteborg University.
Davidson, Johnathan Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Johnathan Davidson's research includes studies on risk factors, herbal medicine, conventional pharmacology, and treatment outcomes for a wide range of anxiety disorders, with a special emphasis on social phobias and post-traumatic stress disorder.
Davis, John Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Davis, Ken Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: S. Watson
Dr. Davis's primary research foci have been Alzheimer's disease (AD) and schizophrenia and his early work on AD included groundbreaking proof of concept studies and the first multicenter clinical trial of cholinesterase inhibitors, which established their efficacy and ultimately led to the first four FDA approved compounds for treatment of the symptoms of AD.
de Montigny, Claude Date: 4-Jun Interviewer: A.Tone
A renowned psychopharmacology investigator, Dr. de Montigny's research in antidepressants and other psychoactive drugs has contributed to the development of strategies for optimizing the their use.
Delgado, Jose Date: 5-Dec Interviewer: Braslow
Dr. Jose Delgado is a Spanish professor of physiology at Yale University, famed for his research into mind control through electrical stimulation of regions in the brain.
Detre, Thomas Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: B.Bunney
Dr. Thomas Detre is the Emeritus Distinguished Senior Vice Chancellor for the Health Sciences and Emeritus Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health System.
Dews, Peter Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: J.Harvey
Peter B. Dews played a significant role in shaping the distinctive characteristics and defining the underlying principles of the discipline of behavioral pharmacology.
Dingell, James Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. James Dingell is the Director of The Division of Basic Research.
Domino, Ed Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: C.Gillin
Dr. Domino is an M.D. licensed in the State of Michigan and is board certified in Clinical Pharmacology.
Dunner, David Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
David L. Dunner, M.D., FAC Psych, is Director of the Center for Anxiety and Depression, a private consulting psychiatric practice located in Mercer Island, WA, and is Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington in Seattle.
Eichelman, Burr Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Burr Eichelman, MD from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PH.D, was a Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics in Madison, WI.
Elkes, Joel Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: F.Sulser
Joel Elkes has contributed significantly to the founding of the new science of Psychopharmacology, a science dealing with the play of chemical influences on mental life, and the place of drugs in the management and treatment of the mentally ill.
Endicott, Jean Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: D. Regier
Dr. Jean Endicott is one of the principal architects of psychiatry’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Third Edition (DSM-III).
Endicott, Jean Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: Martin Katz
Engelhardt, Jo Ann Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Enna, Salvatore Date: 5-Dec Interviewer: Bromley
Dr. Enna is part of the Faculty at the Department of Molecular & Integrative Physiology at the University of Kansas Medical Center.
Fawcett, Jan Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: F.Goodwin
Jam Fawcett has pursued a career of research in the treatment of affective disorders and the prevention of suicide since completing his fellowship at the National Institute of Mental Health Clinical Center in 1964.
Feinberg, Irwin Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. Feinberg conducts quantitative studies of the relation of sleep EEG to age over the human life span and the implications of these relations for the function of sleep and the nature of brain aging.
Fibiger, Hans Christian Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Hans Christian Fibiger's laboratory was the first in the world to show that dopamine neurons are associated with the feeling of pleasure that cocaine, d-amphetamine and other drugs provide. This knowledge is the basis for the treatment of depression by drugs that attempt to balance dopamine levels in the midbrain.
Fink, Max Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: J.Cole
In 1985 Max Fink founded the journal Convulsive Therapy (now called the Journal of ECT).
Fish, Barbara Date: Interviewer:
Barbara Fish, M.D., is currently Della Martin Professor Emerita of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at UCLA.
Frank, Ellen Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: W.Bunney
Under a MERIT Award grant from the National Institute of Mental Health, Dr. Frank is currently studying the efficacy of interpersonal and social rhythm therapy, a psychotherapy she and her colleagues developed for the adjunctive treatment of manic-depressive illness.
Freedman, Alfred Date: Dec-00 Interviewer: T.Ban
Alfred Freedman is currently Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at New York Medical College, having just celebrated his 15th year as chairman of the department.
Friedhoff, Arnold Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: S.Bunney
Arnold Friedhoff was a founding fellow of the International Society of Neurochemistry, the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology, and the Psychiatric Research Society
Fuxe, Kjell Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Kjell Fuxe's research at the Department of Neuroscience at Karolinska Institute focuses on the anatomy and function of central dopamine, noradrenalin and 5-hydroxytryptamine neurons, intercellular communication in the brain (especially volume transmission and its architecture), receptor-receptor interactions within receptor mosaics, and strategies for the treatment of Parkinson's disease, depression, schizophrenia, cocaine addiction and cannabinoid abuse.
Gallant, Don Date: 1-May Interviewer: T.Ban
(Pictured second from the right) Dr. Don Gallant, Professor Emeritus Department of Psychiatry and Neurology, Tulane University School of Medicine.
Garattini, Silvio Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. Garattini is a world well-known professor in biomedical and pharmacological sciences, and acted as the senior member of various organizations, including the Italian National Research Council (CNR) - Committee on Biology and Medicine; the National Health Council, the Committee for Italian Research Policy, set up by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers; the Ministry of Health Commissione Unica del Farmaco (CUF).
Gardos, George Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
(Pictured on the right side) George Gardos, M.D., is the Senior Psychiatrist at the Institute of Research and Rehabilitation at Boston State Hospital.
Gaszner, Peter Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Dr. Peter Gaszner has been a Professor at the Medical University of Pecs and of Budapest and is now at the Semmelwies Budapest University.
Gershon, Sam Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: Jerome Levine
Prior to his tenure with the University of Pittsburgh, Dr. Gershon held the positions of Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Wayne State University and was also the Director of the Lafayette Clinic.
Gershon, Sam Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Gillin, John Christian Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: W.Bunney
Dr. Gillin was internationally known and widely honored for his seminal research on sleep and mood disorders.
Glassman, Alexander H. Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Alexander H. Glassman is an authority on depression and antidepressant drugs, and has altered the standard of care for depressed patients.
Glick, Ira Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: D. Klein
(Pictured far right) Ira Glick's schizophrenia research focuses on treatment outcome in two areas; finding more effective medications which have less side effects than current medications, and in the effects of combining medication with psychosocial interventions.
Goldstein, Burton Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Goldstein’s major research endeavors have been in clinical psychopharmacology.
Goodwin, Fred Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: T.Detre
Dr. Goodwin is the former Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), the largest research and research training institution in the world dedicated to the application of biological, behavioral, and social science to the treatment and prevention of mental illness and refinement of mental health services. Prior to that, he held a Presidential appointment as head of the Alcohol, Drug Abuse, and Mental Health Administration.
Gottschalk, Louis A. Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: W.Bunney
Louis A. Gottschalk was the founding chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at University of California Irvine College of Medicine.
Gottschalk, Louis A. Date: Apr-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Greden, John Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Greden’s clinical and research activities have emphasized the study of the longitudinal course of depression, linkages between stress hormones and depressive recurrences, and clinical strategies for preventing such recurrences.
Greengard, Paul Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: E.Nestler
In 2000, Greengard, Arvid Carlsson and Eric Kandel were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine for their discoveries concerning signal transduction in the nervous system
Halaris, Angelos Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Angelos Halaris, MD, PhD, APA, ACNP, CINP, is a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences and a Medical Director of the Adult Psychiatry at the Loyola Outpatient Center, the Psychiatry & Behavioral Medicine department.
Halbreich, Uriel Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: D.Van Kammen
Uriel Halbeich's research is broadly concerned with studies of the biology of affective disorders and the development of biological markers and clinical laboratory tests for major depressive disorder such as hormonal modulation of brain and behavior with the emphasis on gonadal hormones and the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal system neurotransmitter and their metabolites.
Halmi, Katherine Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Katherine Ann Halmi, MD established the Cornell Eating Disorder Program 22 years ago and she is well-recognized nationally and internationally for her expertise in treating eating disorders.
Hartmann, Ernest Date: 2-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Ernest Hartmann, M.D., the past President of Association for the Study of Dreams, a fascinating multidisciplinary, multifaceted, multieverything organization, was also the first Editor-in-Chief of ASD's journal, Dreaming.
Heninger, George Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: .Ban
George R. Heninger is an Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry and Senior Research Scientist Direct at the Laboratory Clinical and Molecular Neurobiology of Yale University School of Medicine.
Henn, Fritz Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Professor Dr. Fritz Henn was director of the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim (ZI) from 1994 to 2006 at the same time as being chair of psychiatry at Heidelberg University’s Medical Faculty in Mannheim.
Hippius, Hans Date: 4-Jun Interviewer: .Tone
Hans Hippius' main research interests are the neurobiology of mental disorders and clinical psychopharmacology. He was involved in the discovery and development of the first psychotropic drugs and is still active in many scientific bodies and societies.
Hogarty, Gerard Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Gerard E. Hogarty, who was a renowned schizophrenia researcher and a professor at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine for more than three decades, didn't see the need to obtain a doctorate.
Hollister, Leo Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: F.Ayd
Dr. Hollister was a distinguished clinician and biomedical scientist who was recognized nationally and internationally for his numerous contributions to the fields of psychiatry and pharmacology.
Hollister, Leo Date: Apr-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Holzman, Philip Date: 2-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Philip S. Holzman is the founder and director of McLean Hospital's Psychology Research Laboratory and one of the country's leading researchers on schizophrenia.
Itil, Turan Date: 2-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Turan M. Itil is a neurologist / Psychiatrist with special interest in the Electrophysiology (brain electrical activity studies) and Psychopharmacology (Psychotropic drug development).
Itil, Turan Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Iversen, Leslie Date: 2-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Iversen is internationally recognized for his fundamental contributions to the understanding of neurotransmission.
Jaffe, Jerome Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: L.Hollister and T.Ban
Under the administration of President Nixon, Jerome Jaffe was the chief of the Special Action Office for Drug Abuse Prevention (SAODAP), an executive agency created by President Nixon, a member of the Republican Party of the United States.
Janowsky, David Date: May-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. Janowsky does research on the role of core personality characteristics such as introversion in suicidality and depression and also does research on the relationship of sweet liking to addictive disorders.
Janowsky, David Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: B.Angrist
Janowsky, Sulser & Allan Bass Date: May-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Jarvik, Murray Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Murray Jarvik, emeritus professor of psychiatry and pharmacology at UCLA, was an American psychopharmacologist and academic who was among the first scientists to study d-lysergic acid, the precursor to LSD, and later became the co-inventor of the nicotine patch.
Jasinski, Don Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Donald R Jasinski, MD, is a Professor of Medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and he holds the position of Chief of the Center for Chemical Dependence at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.
Jeste, Dilip Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Jeste is Director of NIMH-funded Advanced Center for Interventions and Services Research at UCSD, focusing on psychosis in late-life.
Judd, Lewis L. Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Judd is the Mary Gilman Marston Professor of Psychiatry and Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California, San Diego.
Kaim, Sam Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Samuel Kaim, MD, is the director of the Alcohol and Drug Dependence Service of the Veterans Administration is also the chief of research in psychiatry and neurology for the Veterans Administration Central Office, Washington, DC.
Kandel, Eric Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: . Akil
Eric Kandel is an Austrian-born American neuroscientist who was a recipient of the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his research on the physiological basis of memory storage in neurons.
Kane, John Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
John Kane currently directs the NIMH-funded Advanced Center for Interventions and Services Research in Schizophrenia at The Zucker Hillside Hospital.
Kapur, Shitij Date: 5-Dec Interviewer: .Bromley
Dr. Shitij Kapur, MBBS, FRCPC, PhD is currently the Vice Dean (Research) and Professor at the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, UK.
Katz, Martin Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: S. Koslow
As of 1998 Martin Katz is a part of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX.
Katz, Martin Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: J.Endicott
Kaufman, Seymour Date: 2-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Seymour Kaufman, was a retired research scientist at the National Institute of Mental Health whose work helped lay the groundwork for understanding genetic disorders such as phenylketonuria, which can cause brain damage.
Kessler, Robert Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Robert M. Kessler, M.D, is the Director of PET Research in the Department of Radiology & Radiological Sciences at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
Kety, Seymour S. Date: -95 Interviewer: I.Kopin
In his first major contribution in the neurosciences Seymour S. Kety developed an original technique for measuring blood flow and energy metabolism in the human brain.
Killam, Keith F. and Eva Killam Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: Killam
Eva King Killam, ASPET's second female president, was a life-long co-investigator with her husband Keith Killam.
Kleber, Herbert Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
In 1992, Dr. Kleber founded at Columbia University the Division on Substance Abuse, now one of the leading centers in the country.
Klein, Donald Date: -7 Interviewer: J. Davis
Donald Klein revolutionized psychiatric thinking through his discovery in the early 1960s that imipramine, a recently developed psychotropic medication, was effective in blocking panic attacks.
Klein, Donald Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Klein, Rachel Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: J. Leckman
Klein, Rachel Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Kleinman, Joel Date: 5-Dec Interviewer: Braslow
Joel Kleinman joined the NIMH as a Fellow in 1976, became a Section Chief in 1984, and has done research on schizophrenia for 25 years with an emphasis on postmortem studies.
Klett, Jim Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Jim Klett, Phd, is on the Monitoring Board of the NIDA Collaborative Cocaine Treatment Study, which is a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) funded Cooperative Agreement involving four clinical sites, a Coordinating Center, and NIDA staff.
Knoll, Joseph Date: 2-Jan Interviewer: T.Ban
Joseph Knoll, MD, Emeritus Professor is a Hungarian Professor who synthesized l-deprenyl / selegiline, the first selective MAO-B inhibitor, in his Budapest laboratory in 1961
Kocsis, James Date: 5-Dec Interviewer: Braslow
Dr. James Kocsis's clinical research trials focused on the treatment of chronic depression, initially with antidepressant medications and, more recently, with psychotherapy.
Kopin, Irwin Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Irwin Kopin's collaborations with many of today's leaders in the field of catecholamine research have provided the growing points that have shaped the direction of much of present-day research into catecholaminergic systems.
Kornetsky, Conan Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: G.Koob
In 1954 Conan Kornetsky moved to NIH in Seymour Kety´s Laboratory of Clinical Science leaving in 1959 for Boston University School of Medicine, where he is currently a professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Pharmacology.
Kornetsky, Conan Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Koslow, Stephen Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: Erminio Costa
The Human Brain Project was inspired by Dr. Koslow, as director of the National Institute of Mental Health at NIH.
Koslow, Stephen Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Kreek, Mary Jeanne Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: L. Gold-Koob
Dr. Kreek is well known for her pioneering work in the development of methadone maintenance therapy for heroin addiction in the 1960s, a therapy that has become common practice in many parts of the United States and other countries.
Kupfer, David Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: A.Schatzberg
For much of his career, Dr. Kupfer’s research has focused on the conceptualization, diagnosis and treatment of mood disorders and towards that end, Dr. Kupfer has been an advocate of collaboration between clinical investigators in psychiatry and the basic neurosciences.
Kurland, Al Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Early on Dr. Kurland recognized and promoted major advancements in the care of the mentally ill, including supporting the use of Thorazine in 1954, soon after its introduction.
Lal, Harbans Date: 5-Dec Interviewer: E.Bromley
Dr. Lal is known for his research in the areas of behavioral medicine, prevention and healing of nerve cell injury, and prolongation of health span.
Lasagna, Louis Date: 8-Sep-95 Interviewer: Marcia Meldrum
Dr. Lasagna is internationally recognized as an authority on clinical trial methodology, analgesic and hypnotic drugs, medical ethics, and the placebo effect and he has served as a consultant to the Food and Drug Administration and to several other government agencies.
Leber, Paul Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Paul Leber, former Director of FDA's Division of Neuropharmacological Drug Products.
Lecrubier, Yves Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: .Tone
Dr. Lecrubier has lectured extensively on psychotropics, therapeutics and methodological issues in clinical psychopharmacology, including pharmacoepidemiology and author of numerous publications in major psychiatric journals.
Lehmann, Heinz Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: W.Bunney
Heinz Lehmann was a German born Canadian psychiatrist best known for his use of chlorpromazine for the treatment of schizophrenia in 1950s.
Levine, Jerome Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: . Carpenter
Jerome Levine, MD, research psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at the New York University School of Medicine, says, “Psychiatric research is paving the way for more targeted and personalized treatments, and the recent passage of federal mental health parity legislation promises better access to appropriate treatment. The future for people with schizophrenia and their families has never been more hopeful."
Levine, Jerome Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: S.Gershon
Lewy, Alfred J. Date: 6-Dec Interviewer: Davis
Alfred Lewy is a full time professor and Vice-Chair of the department of Psychiatry at OHSU, Oregon Health & Science University, and holds an MD and PhD.
Lindley, Clyde J. Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Clyde J. Lindley is Director of the Center for Psychological Services in Washington, DC., and a licensed psychologist in the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland.
Lisanby, Sarah Date: 4-Jul Interviewer: Andrea
Sarah Lisanby became internationally recognized as a leader in the field of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) when her research team innovated the use of TMS to perform a safer version of convulsive therapy – a procedure termed Magnetic Seizure Therapy (MST).
Longo, Vincenzo Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: L.Cook
Dr. Vincenzo G. Longo works in Laboratory of Chemical Therapeutics in the Department of Pharmacology at the Istituto Superiore di Sanita in Rome, Italy.
Maickel, Roger P. Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. Maickel received the National Institute of Health Research Development Award 1969–1974 and the NASA Life Scientist Award 1972–1975, was a guest lecturer for the DEA–US Department of Justice for 15 years, served on the US Product Safety Commission 1979–1981, was a consultant to the FDA from 1987 to 1990, served 10 years as a member of the Indiana Controlled Substances Advisory Committee, and co-authored numerous scientific papers and contributed to numerous text books.
Mandell, Arnold Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Arnold Mandell was the founding chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California San Diego (UCSD).
Mathé, Aleksander A. Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Aleksander A Mathé, MD, Ph.D, Institution of Clinical Neuroscience, Karolinska Institutet, St. Göran's Hospital in Stockholm, Sweden.
McKinney, William Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. William T. McKinney Jr. serves as professor of psychiatry and director of the Asher Center for the Study and Treatment of Depressive Disorders at Northwestern University's Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.
McNair, Doug Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
The manual for the POMS (Profile of Mood States) was developed and continually refined by Doug McNair and his colleagues.
Meltzer, Herbert Y. Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: C. Tamminga
Herbert Y. Meltzer, MD, is the Bixler/May/Johnson Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Pharmacology at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine where he is director of the Psychosis Program.
Meltzer, Herbert Y. Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: S.Koslow
Meyer, Roger Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: T.Kosten
During his years as Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at UConn, he also served as consultant and grant reviewer for NIDA, NIAAA, the Department of Veteran's Affairs, the Office of National Drug Control Policy in the Reagan administration and as a member of the CNS Advisory Board of Bristol Myers Squibb.
Nemeroff, Charles Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
At Duke he was Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology and Chief of the Division of Biological Psychiatry before relocating in 1991 to Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, where he is the Reunette W. Harris Professor of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences.
Noble, Ernest Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: E. London
Dr. Noble was also former Vice-President of the National Council on Alcoholism, and former President of the International Commission for the Prevention of Alcoholism and Drug Dependency.
O'Brien, Charles Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: L.Hollister and T.Ban
Charles P. O'Brien, MD, PhD, Vice Chair of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and Director of Psychiatric Research at the Philadelphia Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), has been named the 2003 recipient of the Nathan B. Eddy Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement in Research, in recognition of his extensive work in the field of addictions.
Overall, John Date: 1-May Interviewer: New Orleans
John Overall in 1963 was Director of the UTMB Research Computation Center and Associate Professor in what was then the combined Department of Neurology and Psychiatry at the U.T. Medical Branch in Galveston; promoted to Professor with tenure in about 1967; and transferred at same rank and title to Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science of U.T. Houston Medical School in 1978, where he remains today.
Oxenkrug, Gregory Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Gregory F. Oxenkrug, M.D., Ph.D, (Tufts - New England Medical Center), is a collaborating Scientist at the Mailman Reserach Center of the Psychology Research Laboratory of McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate.
Paul, Steven Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Paul retired effective March 1, 2010 as Executive Vice President for Science and Technology and President of the Lilly Research Laboratories of Eli Lilly and Company, a pharmaceutical company that engages in the discovery, development, manufacture and sale of pharmaceutical products, positions he held since June 2003.
Paykel, Eugene Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: .Ban
Eugene Paykel is Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry at Cambridge University and was until September 2006, Editor of Psychological Medicine.
Pert, Candace Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Candace Pert is an American neuroscientist and pharmacologist who discovered the opiate receptor, the cellular binding site for endorphins in the brain.
Pickens, Roy Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
In 2009, Roy Pickens resumed his full-time academic role as Professor of Psychiatry.
Pletscher, Alfred Date: Interviewer: T.Ban
Alfred Pletsher was instrumental in introducing the first monoamine oxidase (MAO) inhibitor, the benzodiazepines, and levodopa into medicine and so the rise of biological therapies for psychiatric disorders and the introduction of an effective treatment for Parkinson's disease in the second half of the last century will always be linked to his name.
Pletscher, Alfred Date: 2-Jan Interviewer: Tone
Post, Robert Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Robert M. Post is a professor of psychiatry at George Washington University School of Medicine and Penn State College of Medicine and head of the Bipolar Collaborative Network in Bethesda, Maryland.
Potter, William Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
William Z. Potter, M.D., Ph.D., is recognized world-wide as an expert in the field of neuropsychopharrnacology and the development of novel drugs for major Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders.
Prange, Art Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: R.H.Belmaker
With Andrew Winokur and others at the University of Connecticut, Dr. Art Prange leads a program that is attempting to promote the development of analogs of thyrotropin-releasing hormone for clinical use.
Primm, Benny Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Benny Primm, MD, is one of the world's leading experts on HIV and AIDS and drug addiction.
Quitkin, Frederic Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Quitkin was the founding director of the Depression Evaluation Service at the New York State Psychiatric Institute and a professor of clinical psychiatry at the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.
Racagni, Giorgio Date: Dec-00 Interviewer:
Giorgio Racagni,Ph.D, Institute of Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy, University of Milan in Milan, Italy.
Rapoport, Judith Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Since 1984, Dr. Rapoport has been Chief of the Child Psychiatry Branch within the NIMH.
Raskin, Allen Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Allen Raskin, Ph.D., is a research professor in the Institute of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at the University of Maryland School of Medicine.
Reisberg, Barry Date: 5-Dec Interviewer: Bromley
Barry Reisberg M.D., is the Director of the Clinical Core of the US National Institute on Aging (NIH) funded Alzheimer’s Disease Center of the New York University School of Medicine and Clinical Director of the Aging and Dementia Research Center of the NYU School of Medicine.
Richelson, Elliott Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Elliott Richelson is a Professor of Psychiatry and Professor of Pharmacology for the Department of Psychiatry of the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.
Rickels, Karl Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Karl Rickels is a Stuart and Emily B.H. Mudd Professor of Behavoiur and Reproduction in Psychiatry at the University of Pennsylvania Department of Psychiatry Mood and Anxiety Disoders Treatment and Research Program.
Robinson, Donald Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: J.Braslow
Donald S. Robinson, MD, is a consultant for Worldwide Drug Development and he has also served as a consultant to Bristol-Myers Squibb, CeNeRx, Genaissance, Organon, Predix, Somerset, Takeda, and Zars.
Salzman, Carl Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: R.Meyer
Carl Salzman, MD Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School and Director of Psychopharmacology at the Massachusetts Mental Health Center.
Sanberg, Paul Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: M.
Paul Sanberg, PhD, DSc, is Senior Associate Vice President for Research & Innovation, Distinguished University Professor, Executive Director of the Center of Excellence for Aging and Brain Repair, and Vice Chairman of the Department of Neurosurgery in the College of Medicine, at the University of South Florida.
Sanders-Bush, Elaine Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: J.Braswell
Elaine Sanders-Bush, Ph.D. Professor of Pharmacology and Psychiatry Director of the Vanderbilt Brain Institute Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Sandler, Merton Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Merton Sandler has won a number of international prizes. His ongoing research programme involves a vigorous inquiry into the biochemistry of depressive illness, particularly in pregnancy and the puerperium, on which he has published a prodigious number of books and scientific papers.
Sarwer-Foner, Gerald J. Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: Hollister
Gerald J. Sarwer-Foner, MD, is a Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences at the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences of Wayne State University Medical School, Detroit, Michiga.
Sarwer-Foner, Gerald J. Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: J.Braslow
Schatzberg, Alan Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Alan Schatzberg is currently the President of the American Psychiatric Association.
Schildkraut, Joe Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Dr. Joe Schildkraut was a Harvard psychiatrist whose studies of antidepressants and their effects on brain chemistry shed light on the biochemical basis of depression and mood disorders.
Schoolar, Joseph Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Joseph Clayton Schoolar, M.D., Ph.D. is a professor emeritus of Pharmacology and Psychiatry at Baylor College of Medicine.
Schooler, Nina Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Nina Schooler is a paid consultant for Janssen and is currently Professor of Psychiatry at State University of New York Downstate Medical Center; Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the Georgetown University School of Medicine; Senior Research Psychologist in the Veterans Affairs VISN 5 Mental Illness Research, Education, and Clinical Center; and Senior Research Scientist at the Zucker Hillside Hospital.
Schuckit, Marc Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Dr. Schuckit directed the Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program at the VA San Diego Healthcare System, and still supervises residents, medical students, and staff. He is also a major contact person regarding alcohol and drug problems in students, faculty, and staff at UCSD and the San Diego VA.
Schuster, Charles Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Charles R. Schuster, Ph.D. is the Director of the Addiction Research Institute at Wayne State University.
Shooter, Eric Date: 2-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Eric Shooter is perhaps best known discovering the protein known as nerve growth factor, which plays a key role in regrowing lost or damaged nerve cells.
Shopsin, Baron Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Dr. Baron Shopsin is a psychiatrist in the Neuropsychopharmacology Research Unit of the Department of Psychiatry at the New York University Medical Center.
Simpson, George Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: Hollister
Dr. Simpson is part of the Department of Psychiatry and director of clinical research at the USC Keck School of Medicine.
Simpson, George Date: 1-May Interviewer: T.Ban
Snyder, Sol Date: Interviewer: Hollister
Solomon H. Snyder (born December 26, 1938) is an American neuroscientist who is known for his work in identifying receptors for the major neurotransmitters in the brain, and for explaining the actions of psychoactive drugs, such as the blockade of dopamine receptors by antipsychotic medications.
Snyder, Sol Date: Dec-96 Interviewer: F.Bloom
Snyder, Sol Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Sokoloff, Louis Date: 3-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Louis Sokoloff began his scientific career as a student of Seymour Kety, and went on to develop the 2-deoxyglucose technique for measuring quantitatively regional metabolism in the brain. This led directly to the invention of revolutionary noninvasive methods for functional imaging of the human brain.
Spector, Sidney Date: Dec-00 Interviewer: T.Ban
Spector, Sydney Date: Mar-98 Interviewer: F.Sulser
Sydney Spector, Ph.D, is a Professor of Psychiatry and Pharmacology at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.
Stahl, Stephen Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Stephen Stahl is an Adjunct Professor of Psychiatry at the University of California San Diego and is also the Chairman of the Neuroscience Education Institute.
Stein, Larry Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: A.Carlson
Sugerman, Adam Arthur Date: 2-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Sugerman was a pioneer in the early phases of psychopharmacology who led many of the first studies of antipsychotic drugs for the treatment of schizophrenia, depressive disorders and addiction.
Sulser, Fridolin Date: May-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Sulser pioneered the development of the first amine-specific antidepressants, and he has provided insight into their mode of action at physiological, biochemical, and molecular levels.
Szara, Stephen Date: Apr-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Stephen Szára (born 1923) is a Hungarian chemist and psychiatrist who has made major contributions in the field of pharmacology.
Tollefson, Gary Date: 5-Dec Interviewer: Braslow
Tollefson, Gary D., M.D., Ph.D. Indianapolis resident, medical inventor and executive helped revolutionize the field of neuropsychiatric medications.
Turner, William J. Date: Dec-94 Interviewer: Hollister
The archives reflect that Bill Turner was a first-generation psychiatric researcher, being almost alone (as early as the 1930s) in focusing on the biological cause of mental illness.
Uhlenhuth, E.H. Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: J.Levine
Dr. E.H. Uhlenhuth, one of the world's foremost experts on benzodiazepines.
Van Kammen, Daniel Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. van Kammen is known for his careful pharmacological and biomarker studies in schizophrenia.
Van Kammen, Daniel Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: .Ban
Van Praag, Herman Date: 7-Dec Interviewer: . Belmaker
Indeed, although Professor van Praag can be considered to be one of the founders of the field of biological psychiatry, throughout his long and productive academic career he has never limited himself to this area of psychiatry.
Van Praag, Herman Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
Van Praag, Herman Date: 4-Jun Interviewer: A.Tone
Vinar, Oldrich Date: Dec-95 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Dr. Oldrich Vinar is the Chief of the Department of Psychopharmacology at the Psychiatric Research Institute in the Czech Republic.
Way, E. Leong Date: 6-Dec Interviewer: De Lisi
Dr. Eddie Way's work focused on studying the basic mechanisms involved in the development of tolerance and physical dependence in opiates.
Wayner, Matthew J. Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: P.Sanberg
Dr. Matthew Wayner is a Professor of Neurobiology at the University of Texas, San Antonio.
Weissman, Myrna Date: 1-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Dr. Weissman is a Professor of Epidemiology and Psychiatry, College of Physicians and Surgeons and the School of Public Health at Columbia University and Chief of the Department in Clinical-Genetic Epidemiology at New York State Psychiatric institute.
Wender, Paul Date: 2-Dec Interviewer: T.Ban
Paul A. Wender is a Bergstrom Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University.
Wheatley, David Date: Dec-97 Interviewer: L.Hollister
Whybrow, Peter Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
Peter C. Whybrow, M.D. is Director of the Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of California in Los Angeles and he is also the Judson Braun Distinguished Professor and Executive Chair of the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the David Geffen School of Medicine and CEO of the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA.
Winokur, Andrew Date: 4-Dec Interviewer: A.Tone
A past member of the FDA Psychopharmacologic Drugs Advisory Committee, Dr. Winokur now serves as a Special Government Employee Consultant to that Committee.
Woods, James Date: Dec-98 Interviewer: D.Healy
James Woods, Ph.D, is the Professor of the Department of Pharmacology and Biopsychology at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
Wortis, Joseph Date: Dec-94 Interviewer:
Dr. Wortis, educated in New York, Vienna and London, introduced insulin shock treatment for schizophrenia to the United States after observing Dr. Manfred Sakel's use of the procedure in Vienna in 1935.
Wurtman, Richard Date: Dec-99 Interviewer: T.Ban
Richard Wurtman M.D. Cecil H. Green Distinguished Professor of Neuropharmacology
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