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Prange, Art

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Dr. Prange’s professional activities outside the department include serving as a referee and sub-editor for psychiatric journals.
Arthur J. Prange, Jr., M.D, after 44 years as an active member of the department, Dr. Prange retired from full-time activity in February 1998. At the present time, he devotes about half of his time to professional activities. In the department, he consults with various investigators, most recently with Dr. Susan Girdler, who has discovered some remarkable aberrations in the dynamics of the thyroid axis in her patients with premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PDD). He attends Grand Rounds on a regular basis and offers his experience in support of the George Ham Society. He is actively engaged in research programs in Lithuania conducted by Robertas Bunevicius, M.D., Ph.D..

B.S., Zoology: University of Michigan
M.D., Medicine: University of Michigan

Prange, Art
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Dates: Dec-96
Interviewer: R.H.Belmaker



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